Refund Policy

                                           PRIVACY POLICY

We know that our clients are more concerned about their personal information more than their academics score. Most of the students are scared of the leaked data and spreading of personal information. They always wonder why we ask for their personal information, but this document is to build up your trust in us, so the following are some bullets to make you aware of what we actually do with your personal information;


  • Confidentiality of data

All the information that is given by our clients is kept confidential and anonymous within the boundaries of our organization, so even a single member of the organization cannot get access to it easily.

  • Secured from third party access

Student data is secured so that we do not share it with any third party.

  • Security of workers’ data

Experts are working in our organization, and they also give us personal information to us. We care for their data also and do not share it with the students or any other organization.

  • Payment Security

We accept payments through PayPal, as we have integrated with this company so that our clients can easily trust them while sharing their credit card details.

  • Disclosure of the information

We have the accommodated right by the court of law to share your information if needed, or you can comply with the disclosure of the information of any of our experts if needed.


Exam help online is permitted to make amendments in these clauses when needed, so try to check it out frequently for our convenience. Any change in the privacy policy will be uploaded on the site, and you can get access to it easily. 





We assure our clients of good quality of work at the required delivery time, but in some cases,
it might happen that due to uncertainty, our work progress can be delayed, so in that case, a
partial refund is promised. In case we fail to deliver quality work so fully refund policy can be
implemented. Following are some conditions for implementing a refund policy

  •  Lacking in quality of work
    If you find your work full of grammatical mistakes and you see plagiarism throughout
    the work, you can ask us for a refund, but before applying for a refund policy, revise the
    work properly.
  • Delay in deliveries
    As it has already been promised that delayed deliveries might cost you your exams, so
    we are liable to pay off for the late deliveries. If it has also been promised that if it is
    proved that the mistake was fully ours, so you will get a 100% refund.
  • Refund period
    If you want to apply for the refund policy, do it right within 48 hours of its conveyance.
    After the given period, if you would request a refund policy, you will not be entertained.

Cases in which refund policy would not be applicable

Although there are some cases when clients are entertained with our refund policy, there are
some other conditions also when the refund policy cannot be implemented

  • If there is any wrong or false conveyance of information from the client's side so the
    tutor will be liable for the loss
  • The client cannot claim for refund policy if there are spelling mistakes or small negligible
  • If you want to apply for a refund policy, keep a piece of evidence or proof with you;
    otherwise, your request might be rejected.