Most popular free online courses from top universities of US


 The greatest approach to improving your skills is to take free online classes. They increase the
value of your CV and make you more valuable. The greatest universities in the US, the UK, and
Canada are now providing online courses in every subject at their institutions. This article has
compiled a list of US institutions’ most common free online classes.

Universities that provide free online courses

The United States is home to the world’s best colleges, many of which provide free online
courses to students worldwide. Universities that offer online courses are listed below:

  •  Stanford Online Courses Washington State University
  •  Colorado State University
  •  University of Pennsylvania Free Online Course
  •  Arizona State University
  •  University of Oklahoma
  •  Yale Online Free Courses
  •  Princeton Online Courses for Free
  •  Free MIT Online Courses
  •  University of Florida
  •  University of Oklahoma
  •  Caltech Online Courses for Free
  •  Free Online Courses at Columbia University
  •  Free Harvard Online Courses

Stanford Online Courses

Stanford University provides free online courses that are an excellent method to acquire new
skills. The institution provides courses in Health and Medicine, Education, Engineering, Arts and
Humanities, and other fields.

Washington State University

Washington State University is fifth on the list of top US universities offering outstanding
bachelor’s classes online to students to train students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Washington

State University has programs in literary studies, history, political science, architecture, and
digital marketing, among other things.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University is among the best universities in the country, with a long tradition of
providing students with online courses.

University of Pennsylvania Free Online Course

The University of Pennsylvania’s Online Learning Initiative provides free online courses. These
seminars aim to increase online learning delivery by providing students worldwide with flexible
learning options.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a popular choice among international students, making this one of
the most effective web colleges. If you want to start a firm in medical engineering, you should
check out the programs at Arizona State University.

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is a private college that offers a learning atmosphere similar to
government-sponsored universities in the United States. After completing a bachelor’s degree,
the University of Oklahoma provides a wide selection of online course options and further work
prospects. It may benefit students because many grads seek internships and job opportunities
following graduation.

Yale Online Free Courses

Yale University provides free and open-source Open Yale courses. University faculty members
teach these purses. These courses, available in video, text, and audio versions, do not require
registration. These courses need not lead to certificates or degrees from the University.

Princeton Online Courses for Free

Princeton University provides a variety of Princeton Online courses. The classes are free.
However, students can purchase a certified certificate for a modest cost.

Free MIT Online Courses

MIT is a program that provides free courses from MIT. These courses have previously been
taken by millions of people worldwide. For a modest charge, you can obtain a verified
certificate upon the course’s completion.

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida, is home to the University of Florida. Oxford University provides a diverse
selection of online programs in business, sociology, history, literature, and other disciplines.
Faculty focuses on creating a demanding and competitive environment in which students can
build skills for life beyond University.

University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is a private college that offers a comparable learning environment
to govt universities in the United States.

Caltech Online Courses for Free

Caltech offers online learning opportunities. These classes do not offer course credit. The
courses are designed to help subsequent generations of engineers and scientists.

Free Online Courses at Columbia University

Columbia University and Coursera collaborated in 2013 to produce Massive Open Online
Courses (MOOCs) to contribute to global knowledge growth. These classes are free to take, and
you can download a certificate for a modest price.

Free Harvard Online Courses

Harvard University provides over 100 free online courses. These courses are typically selfpaced, and you may purchase a certificate for certain courses for $199.


Because US institutions are known for offering students with upper Master’s degrees, most
international students looking for a Master’s program, a master’s degree can be expensive in
the United States; therefore, international students might find courses online significantly more
The following are a few of the best US universities where learners may earn their Master’s
through online courses.
1 . NY University
2 . California University, Los Angeles
3 . Georgia Technology institute
4 . Boston University
5 . Texas University in Austin
6 . University of Maryland

7 . John Hopkins University
8 . Northwestern University
9 . The Ohio state university
10 . University of Pittsburgh
Most of these universities provide decent courses, and you’ll be able to learn from skilled
teachers who can provide you with a wonderful educational experience.
Learners at the best institutions in the United States must study a wide range of literature,
physical education, history, politics, engineering, medicine, and other courses to understand
education comprehensively.
A superior education from a prestigious university in the United States will boost your CV and
open doors to much more substantial future job opportunities. You could attempt an online
course because it is far more convenient and less costly than traditional ones.
Because these colleges provide numerous programs in many fields, anyone can acquire a
degree or perhaps a postgraduate diploma in any field they choose. The University offers
several online courses. Faculty concentrate on the student’s overall improvement while
emphasizing basic qualities and talents. Students in an online class and hard members of
Colorado State University may share many characteristics.
These US colleges that provide free online courses are well-known for providing high-quality
education in various subjects. Long-term courses at these universities can help you advance
your career. So, apply to the top universities and take the first step toward your desired

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